Civil Engineering/Groundwork

Civil constructions

Creative civil engineers

A strong foundation determines the strength and life of the upper structure. Hire the professionals at Lowrey Contractors Ltd, Bristol for creative construction projects that require both strength and architectural beauty

From groundwork to final finishing  

The construction of a domestic building or a commercial structure passes through various phases starting from the rough sketch to designing and the actual foundation laying work. The civil engineers at Lowrey Contractors Ltd in Bristol ensure that the whole design is approved by you after we study the site, soil type and other feasibility parameters. 

Call us on 0117 963 7111 to hire our civil engineers to work on your upcoming construction projects.  

Our civil engineering specialties  

• Foundation laying
• Civil engineering related repairs
• Kiosks
• Bridges
• Dams
• Roads
• Street furniture
• Utility designs 
Foundation laying
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