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Commercial constructions

Energy efficient commercial buildings

Energy efficiency is an important aspect of all types of commercial buildings today. If you are planning to renovate or refurbish your existing office, then contact Lowrey Contractors Ltd, a premium commercial builder in Bristol. 
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High specification modern offices  

Being a business owner, you need to provide all the amenities and equipment to your employees and clients. As good working conditions play an important role in high productivity, you must ensure that your business establishment is spacious, comfortable and ergonomically designed for your employees. Hire the trained commercial builder, Lowrey Contractors Ltd in Bristol to build the office, manufacturing plant or retail warehousing unit exactly to your specifications. 

Call us on 0117 963 7111 to set up an appointment with our commercial building contractor.  

Our commercial construction includes: 

• Renovation and upgrades 
• Commercial buildings
• Retail warehousing units
• Superstores
• Sports centres
• Office refurbishments
• Workshops
Building security features
Retail store renovations
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