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For all types of domestic construction projects in Bristol, Western-super-Mare, Yeovil or Cheltenham, you can rely on Lowrey Contractors Ltd. 
We will recommend personalised designs to suit your unique preferences.
Building company

Professional building company  

Being a well-established building company in Bristol, we follow the Housing Authority guidelines to ensure that all the applicable safety features are incorporated in the building. Our building contractor will work directly with you to visualise your expectations and will add the elements you may have missed. Whether it is domestic fencing, renovation or a completely new building, our technicians will give you a cost-effective design at a reasonable price. 

Call us on 0117 963 7111 to schedule an inspection by our building contractor.  

Our bUILDERS specialise in: 

Domestic fencing 
• Renovation projects
• General construction and repair works
• Kitchen and bathroom remodelling 
• Home improvement 
Home renovations
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