Water Utility Physical Security Products

Perimeter security

Strong perimeter security for water utilities

Physical security of water utilities is very important if want flawless service. Contact the experts at Lowrey Contractors Ltd to build security cages and gates in Bristol.
Physical security structures

Physical security structures by the trained professionals  

Depending upon the type, size and shape of your water utilities, experts at Lowrey Contractors Ltd can design and build special structures. As physical security is all about restricting unwanted access to the utility site, we create special application boundaries and security cages with reinforced concrete and other materials. As an owner, you need to specify your special preferences, if any, so that those elements can be incorporated during the construction phase instead of adding them later and incurring additional costs. 

Call us on 0117 963 7111 to set up an appointment with our water utility security specialists.  

We build the following types of security structures  

• Gates 
• Perimeter security for water utilities
• Bollards and barriers
• Special application boundaries
• Security cages
• Window bar sets
• Hatch covers
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